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What is eLearnEconomics?

eLearnEconomics is a comprehensive online economics learning resource.

eLearnEconomics is for both students AND teachers. Teachers save valuable time. Students study the concepts of each topic with the key notes, then review those concepts with the audio/video and flash card sections and finally test themselves in the written answer and multi-choice sections, this will improve their learning attainment. The multi-choice section records student scores enabling them to track their progress and build their confidence leading into exams.

Teachers have the ability to monitor student progess within the teachers' administration section. Students can be arranged into class groups and full reports generated to quickly identify problem areas. These high quality PDF reports can also be used to present at parent/teacher evenings.



Available Products

Physical orders under $400 will be charged P&P.

eLearn Financial Literacy school licence $70.00

eLearn Financial Literacy school licence (valid until the school year end)

plus $5 per student

eLearn Financial Literacy student codes $5.00

eLearn Financial Literacy student codes (must have school licence).

eLearnEconomics - School Licence including 25 codes $550.00

School licence 24/7 - comes with 25 codes (tracked access for 25 individuals), and generic access for up to 20 users at one time.

Additional codes will be NZ$14.95 each








eLearnEconomics - additional codes (school licence required) $14.95

Elearneconomics   Additional codes    (school licence required)