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Economics Basics (Level 1) $15.95


Economics Basics is an introductory workbook for independent study by New Zealand students who are studying Economics for the first time.

Concise notes and a wide range of activitites work together to introduce and develop definitions, concepts and skills in:

  • Central concepts of Economics
  • Resources - the factors of production
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Changes in supply
  • Market demand and market supply
  • The nature of markets and non-market activities
  • How the market operates
  • Changes in the Market

The activities and notes are applied in a range of situations to establish and reinforce the foundation that students need in Economics.

These notes and activities have been trialled with students in New Zealand secondary schools over many years with excellent results.

Understanding Economics Externals - Student (Level 1) New end 2017 $23.95

ISBN 9780170415972

This updated colour edition has new content and tasks specifically for the external standards. Content has been designed for the key skills and competencies as set out in the curriculum.

  • Key concepts and definitions clearly outlined
  • Space for students to take notes on each topic
  • Comprehensive activities/questions build up the skills and ideas student require for external exam questions
  • Review questions provide a summative test of skills students require for the external exams
  • Extensive self-review page at the end of each chapter
  • New section covering revision/study tasks and activities
  • Teachers book available
  • Teacher Digital version available (through Cengage/Vital Source)

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Understanding Economics Externals (Level 1) - Teacher Book $69.95

ISBN: 9780170417648

The Teacher's Guide provides the answers to all questions in the student edition.

Understanding Economic Issues Externals (Level 2) - Student Book $21.95

ISBN: 978-0-9864534-2-7

This updated edition provides extensive coverage of the content and skills required for the Level 2 external standards. This edition contains new material including an extensive section covering the core knowledge required by students for the course. Review (exam) questions provide students the opportunity to practice the skills they need for the external exams. Comes with cue-flash cards to assist student study.

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Understanding Economic Issues Externals (Level 2) - Teacher Book $69.95

ISBN: 978-0-9864534-3-4

The teacher's guide provides answers to all questions in the student edition.

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Employment Unit $59.00

Employment Unit

Purchase one copy and photocopy however many copies over however many years as suits your school requirements.

Employment and Unemployment
Statistics and Unemployment
The Labour Market
The Impact of Unemployment
Government Policies and Unemployment

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